Floor Plans

Villa Options

Wellfield Villa – Brighton & Brighton
Left: Brighton | Right: Brighton
1,463 sq. ft.
Brighton Floor Plan
Wellfield Villa – Hampton & Florence
Left: Hampton | Right: Florence
1,883 sq. ft.  |  1,788 sq. ft.
Hampton Floor Plan
Florence Floor Plan
Wellfield Villa – Oxford & Oxford
Left: Oxford | Right: Oxford
1,727 sq. ft.
Oxford Floor Plan
Wellfield Villa – Somerset & Ashford
Left: Somerset | Right: Ashford
1,705 sq. ft.  |  1,552 sq. ft.
Somerset Floor Plan
Ashford Floor Plan

Single-Family Options

Wellfield Single-Family – Charleston
1,926 sq. ft.
Charleston Floor Plans
Wellfield Single-Family – Kohen
1,745 sq. ft.
Kohen Floor Plans
Wellfield Single-Family – Monterey
1,996 sq. ft.
Monterey Floor Plan
Wellfield Single-Family – Pinehurst
1,702 sq. ft.
Pinehurst Floor Plan
Wellfield Single-Family – Savannah
1,941 sq. ft.
Savannah Floor Plans
Wellfield Single-Family – Stratford
1,672 sq. ft.
Stratford Floor Plan

Home Features

Each home will be equipped with the following features.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
Shower and Sink Faucets